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25 Great Reasons For Having a Small Penis

Many companies and individuals promoting “penis enlargement” products use the “Fear Factor” to get men to purchase their products; sighting the negative aspects of having a small penis and that your life will be over if you can’t enlarge it. There are many wonderful aspects of having a small penis. Let’s look at some of them:

1) Increased Faithfulness – Men with a smaller than average sized penis tend to be more faithful in relationships and in marriage. It increases his trustworthiness. A man who cannot be trusted is a man who is weak in character and basically useless.

2) Increased Success In His Endeavors – It is believed that most men become successful after the age of 50. The theory is that, once men hit this age, that they are no longer totally consumed with sex. Instead, they transfer this energy into their careers. By having a smaller penis and not be consumed by sex allows a man to better channel these energies. There are hordes of extremely successful men with small penises.

3) Increased Spiritualism – In religion, such as Catholicism, for instance, the priests did not engage in sexual matters, as such acts were felt to be more on a terrestrial and material plane, instead of a spiritual plane. By not being so consumed with sex (because of size) it allows a man to evolve in a deeper spiritual manner.

4) Physical Compensation – If a man feels he is lacking in his penis department, it will inspire him to compensate for it in different ways. One way is by increasing his physical appearance, by working out, increased hygiene, and learning how to dress more fashionably to be more attractive to the partner he wishes to attract.

5) Development of Humbleness – The word “humble” gets a bad rap, but it’s an admirable quality that very few people possess. It has to do with not being so self-consumed and proud of oneself, but giving more attention and praise to others. It does not mean to put oneself down, it’s just a trait that allows a man to appreciate others. It is a lack of conceit. Again, a trait very few people have; and the world would be better off it there were more people like this.

6) Acceptance of Oneself– The most beautiful women I’ve ever met were so full of self-doubt about their looks and abilities that it was terrifying and completely illogical. Here they were, with looks that could kill, yet they believed they were unattractive and ugly. The problem was, they had difficulty accepting themselves. This created a very disturbed character in most of them. Having a small penis – and accepting it – will do more to develop your self-acceptance than nearly anything else. We all must learn the lesson of accepting ourselves. If we don’t accept ourselves, for what we are, then how can we expect anyone else to accept us?

7) Accomplishment Factor Potential – If a man feels he is inadequate in his penis size – and he does something about it – the reward he will receive from this accomplishment will make him realize he can accomplish anything in life. A truly priceless trait.

8) Compensation of Self– A man who feels he is inadequate has the drive to compensate for it in developing his self. Becoming honest, reliable, educated, etc. This list is endless.

9) Decreased Arrogance – We’ve all met women who were drop-dead gorgeous. The problem was that they knew it. This made them arrogant and conceited. This goes along with humbleness. A man with a smaller penis is unlikely to be an arrogant jerk.

10) Sexual-Ability Compensation – A man with a smaller penis may feel that he is lacking in the bedroom department. Whether this is the case or not, it will encourage him to find more exciting, dynamic, and creative ways to stimulate his partner. This means he can become the ultimate lover. There is more to sex than just intercourse.

11) Financial Compensation – Men who feel undersized, history shows us, have a more driven need to become financially successful. It is a form of compensation for their size. Every woman respects a man who is financial successful.

12) Sexual Pain Factor – Having a large penis can be a detriment to some women, as too large a penis is painful for them during intercourse. Every woman is different in size, too. Sometimes being too big can have an adverse affect on sexual relationships. After all, how enjoyable is sex if your partner is in pain because of your size?

13) Increased Respect for Women – We’ve all known the “players” and smooth-talkers who can get any woman into bed they want, but who have absolutely no respect for women and treat them like garbage and toss them out the same way. Men with a small penis tend to revere and respect women. What a wonderful trait to have.

14) Increased Success in Long-Term Relationships – A woman who falls in love with a man with a small penis will be falling in love with HIM and not the size of his penis. She will love the man and respect him. How fantastic is that with a divorce rate at 51%?

15) Specialness Factor – Who wants to be “average” in size? Yes, it’s great to be big, but it’s great to be small, too. It makes you unique and special. Most everybody is average; I say it’s great to be different.

16) Decreased Selfishness – Men with a smaller penis tend to be more giving and caring of themselves. They put their partner first and are not selfish.

17) Decreased Narcissism – A Narcissist is someone who is in love with themselves. Narcissists are some of the most loathsome people on earth. Men with small penises rarely have this disgusting trait.

18) Realization of Not Being Perfect – Men with a smaller penis are typically down-to-earth. They realize that they are not perfect. Of course, no one is perfect, but many people think they are and work very hard to try to prove to others that they are perfect. What’s more boring than someone who thinks they are perfect?

19) Increased Appreciation for Life and Living – Many times a man with a smaller penis will realize that there is more to life than sex and sexual relations. They will foster a better understanding and love for life and this will illuminate their character and soul.

20) Decreased Superficiality – Superficial people are some of the most obnoxious and cumbersome people in the world. Most men with a small penis are hardly superficial. They are typically rock solid.

21) Decreased STD’s – Men with large penises are typically more sexually active than men with smaller penises. This leads to an increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

22) Decrease in Penile Cancer – The more penile tissue one has, the greater the potential for penile cancer. In this case, the smaller the better, as it decreases your risk.

23) Chooses Partners More Carefully – The man with a small penis will choose his partners more carefully. He will see the person for who they are, more than likely, and not be swayed by superficial attributes, such as looks.

24) Modesty Factor – Modesty means a lack of vanity, pretentiousness, and showing off. We’ve all met people who are immodest and they get old really, really quickly.

25) Decreased Insolence – A man with a small penis is unlikely to be presumptuous which leads to exploitation and a license to take liberties with his partner.

Obviously, there are many positive aspects to having a small penis. I’m sure many men can come up with more positive aspects of their unique and beautiful size. Be proud of your size, no matter how big or how small – it takes all kinds to make a world.Don’t Forget: You can have as much fun in a Mini, perhaps even more fun, than in a Hummer.

“A real Man is judged by the size of his character and not the size of his penis.” If you do want to learn how to enlarge your penis, read IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.


Georg von Neumann

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