Preparing For the Worst

#3 404 God Found ~Noah’s Garden~

404 God Found Noah’s garden~

Noah’s garden is a circulated and interactive animation contents where
it can be played by human’s motion.

The mysterious world is on the screen where the tree grows, the mystery
organism moves around, and the weather changes. Noah’s garden is the
circulation animation contents with the system simulates a small
ecosystem. Using the motion and voice sensor, you can interfere
animation by touching the cloud and making it to rain, and blowing the wind
by your breath just like God.

There is no steady movement like general animation, it always keeps
moving in different shape. Because of environment change, the content
keeps changing.
Sometime it is vital with full of trees and organisms, sometimes, while
there is less potential of life, tree is getting wither and the less
organisms found. Please play and enjoy mysterious animation in Noah’s
garden which can be changed every time
you see. Don’t miss it!

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