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Aral, Fishing in an Invisible Sea

A documentary film about the three remaining generations of fishermen in the Aral Sea, And their awaiting and everyday struggle to survive in one of the scarcest places on the planet. Life after one of man made biggest disasters.

Director’s Statement:
We wanted to portray the dying process of a sea through the three last affected generations, from the old fisherman, retired who lived the sea, to the adult generation who still survives through fishing in the remain lakes, till the desert generation that survives from nothing, trying to keep the traditions and hope of a return of a more hopeful future. It is a film about the process of death and strength and root ness of people connected to their land. Aral doesn’t speak about politics or ecology it speaks only about the human survival strength. Aral still lives as an invisible presence and memory of what is considered as one of man made biggest disasters of our planet.

Main Characters
Young Fisherman: Janibek Anuarov
Adult Fisherman: Tanjer Irsimbetov
Old Fisherman: Jumagul Oltijanov

Locations: Moynak. Uzbekistan. 2004
Format: DVCAM Color, 52 min.

Main Credits: Carlos Casas, Saodat Ismailova
Credits: Felipe Guerrero, Andres Reymondes Mutti, Giorgio Collodet, Kamilla Biktimirova

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