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Are Natural Disasters Related to Man?

There was a time when we could expect ‘normal’ weather patterns and dismiss it without any thought. Today those weather patterns are becoming less predictable, and we scratch our heads and wonder why? There is still debate as to weather and climate change, although for most it is widely accepted. Record setting temperatures, rainfalls, flooding, tornado outbreaks, and wildfires are topping the news headlines almost daily anymore, but can they directly attributed to man?

Climate change, more importantly, global warming has occured all throughout the history of our planet, and that has been proven. What has not been the case is how fast it is happening, as it is now. With no ‘out of the ordinary’ massive greenhouse gas outbursts from volcanos or other natural sources, it goes directly on man and our greenhouse gas emissions. Another point to remember is that this has happened within the last 100 years, not thousands of years, as normal planet climate changes occur. Nobody knows the exact nature of the effects of the rapid changes we are experiencing, as it has not ever occurred in the history of our planet, at least not in what we have discovered to date. No one truly knows the tipping point where we could trigger a severe climate shift, which could have dire consequences for all of mankind.

While we are still learning, the weather keeps breaking records, one hundred year storms are now annual events, and so are wildfires. Directly not one scientist blames climate change for these weather events, however, they do agree that it is part of the pattern we will continue to see, which is attributed to the effects of climate change. Cold weather snaps are even a part of that pattern, as extreme weather is now going to become the normal weather patterns we experience.

So comes the question, are natural disasters related to man? The answer is yes, we can be blamed for natural disasters, and that is more than just weather events. With our massive mining endeavors we can also be responsible for some earthquakes. With the new love for fracking, I can assure you we will experience more earthquakes from that practice as well. Dam builoding is also another issue which can trigger an earthquake if it is built in the wrong place, and can have disastrous effects. While we manage to find more ways to harm our planet in the name of growth and profits, the planet adapts and does her own thing, some of which can have negative effects on us, like the weather.

So, natural disasters, at least to some degree, can be directly linked to <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4929951’);” href=”” target=”_new” rel=”follow”>man made disasters</a>. There is a <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/4929951’);” href=”” target=”_new” rel=”follow”>man made disaster list</a> that breaks down some of the more famous disasters created by man which can be directly attributed to some of our errors in both judgement and motives.

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