Preparing For the Worst

Azad Nanakeli, Perfect World

Kurdish Artists in Venice Biennale
Krossing/ PLANET KURDISTAN. 7 June/22 November 2009
One of the interviews I made with Azad Nanakeli this is the description of his work in English:
Perfect World, 2009
Video installation, two screens and Sound
7min, 30 sec.

It never faded out. It is more and more present and huge; caused by wars, environmental disasters, famines and poverty. It is a phenomenon called migration.

Statistical studies have tried for decades to define the consequences and measure its extension; in the last years the phenomenon has developed in such a way that it is virtually impossible to calculate its extension. The man of the future will therefore be, out of necessity, the result of these migratories flows: a crossroad of cultures and different traditions. A new individual, in the end, who will have the task to translate into reality an ancient and ambitious dream: to build a perfect world.

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