Preparing For the Worst

Borrar el Terremoto (deutsche Untertitel) HD

A movement for the Reconstruction of Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) in Santiago de Chile

Film by Louis von Adelsheim, Video artist

The earthquake in Chile Is no longer hitting the headlines. However, the people of Chile still suffer massively from the destruction this natural disaster has caused. There are not nearly enough funds to relieve the misery in cities and villages. There is no money to help save and restore the two badly damaged buildings of the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Santiago de Chile, even though they are of high cultural historic value, Since there are no funds for the necessary reparation works for both badly damaged buildings of the MAC, the museum saw itself forced to close its doors to the public, The museum has no own funds to pay tor the necessary reconstruction works. In March 2010 the swiss video artist Louis von Adelsheim visited the MAC and talked to the desperate museum team. He then decided to make this documentary in order to help. The only help the museum can hope for is financial support from abroad. The Chilean curators and museum stuff are asking us for our support and solidarity in this film: please help if you can. The documentary was first shown at Art Basel on June 19. Francisco Brugnoli, director of MAC, was present at the event and talked about the planned reconstruction of the museum buildings.

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