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Camp Hero – Montauk, New York

We spent part of our day in Montauk walking around the famed and mysterious Camp Hero in Montauk, New York. This video just contains a quick look at some of the sites to see there and a couple really nice shots of the SAGE Radar Tower. Nothing too fancy.

In the video I feature Battery 113’s eastern most turret and rear door, as well as some shots from on top of the battery. And some shots of the SAGE Radar Tower, the Well house, and a few odd structures in the woods around the trails, including a man hole.

In the trip we also saw Batteries 216 and 112, the Water Pump and Filter buildings, the Treatment Plant, and the Battery 113 Trail (which is an awesome hiking trial by the way).

Camp Hero is an abandoned U.S. Air Force and Naval station on the eastern most point of Long Island, New York. It is now owned by New York State, and is open to the public year round, offering hiking, picnics, surfing, and fishing. Camp Hero operated during World War Two, and most of the Cold War. It was part of the strategic New York Coastal Defense Network that was used to protect the North Atlantic US from aerial, nuclear, and amphibious attack. There are numerous theories as to what happened in Camp Hero, as in its heyday, it was one of the most highly guarded and secret military bases in the country. There is extensive evidence of underground tunnels throughout the base all though the government, park service, and local authorities all claim there are none. From sealed man holes, to water filled elevator shafts, the evidence is there. Theories range from as “normal” as it was just an underground network of bunkers, to as extreme as the government still has an interest in the area, with multiple levels of underground laboratories still active under the base. More evidence to support the existence of an underground facility, The deed the US Air Force gave New York State for the land only includes the surface of the base, and does not include underground, which (on record) the Air Force still owns. Also, there is an electricity meter on the base reading enough electricity to power an entire city, and high tension power lines running throughout the park, while the only known operating building in the park is the small maintenance shed.

While there is significant evidence to support the theory of an underground facility, there have been no concrete findings or discoveries that really prove it exists.

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