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(dinahcreates) Peace! Middle East

“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” is what King James say’s; but ‘King,’ Jerusalem peace is tied to the peace in the Middle East. Palestinian peace is essential to the peace of Jerusalem. Bloodshed of Palestinian children and women is as precious as the bloodshed from 9-1-1 terrorist acts; yet in a post-911 era; Americans are condition to believe that in the name of “war on terrorism”; the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestinian suffrages are unfortunate circumstances.

Nevertheless; America the beloved; sovereignty she reigns, and her people are blessed with freedoms denied elsewhere, yes! America is blessed; but life teaches alongside the ancient books; The Holy Qu’ran, The Bible, and The Torah that what a nation sow a nation must reap; I guess we can pray for a failed crop; however, Justice is on the throne and eventually she cries out “that our balances are found and wanting.”

Nonetheless; how can Americans not perceive that biological warfare can exude America shores when warfare is what America sows? How can she not experience natural and man-made disasters; when her government launches hi-tech artillery on innocent civilians, replicating misery in cities and kingdoms across the globe; henceforth; it is frequently cited that American liberties are envied and that’s why we are a terrorist target; despite our policies, Iraq occupational violation, and American interests on foreign soil, with much frequency we are told that U.S. liberties makes us the envy of the world; Civil Liberties that’s gradually fading away under Homeland Security. We can see that Privacy Act is the first to dwindle for the cause of national security.

Even so; in a globalized environment my patriotic concern is that we seem to be travelling alongside the Samaritan road passing up the wounded and distraught if they live in Africa, or the Middle East. We have to care! Innocent children are suffering; they are victims of a war that they didn’t start.

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