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Ed Mazria Architecture 2030 Presentation – 4.20.11

As part of Earth Week, and to launch AIANY’s new educational program on the 2030 Commitment, Ed Mazria will speak at Cooper Union’s Great Hall. For over a century, architects, planners and designers have been taught they can transform the world. With the 2030 Challenge and AIA’s 2030 Commitment on how to get there, we now have the opportunity to make a tangible difference.

We are at the crossroads of the most significant crisis and the greatest opportunity in modern times. Three profound, world-altering events are converging to create this crisis and opportunity – the warming of the earth’s atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels, the rapid depletion of global petroleum and natural gas reserves and the current long recession. As these events unfold, and are combined with the increasing frequency of of major environmental disasters, they will dramatically change how we live, build and relate to the natural world.

Internationally recognized architect, author, educator and founder of Architecture 2030, Edward Mazria, has translated the unfathomable complexities of man-made climate change, today’s multifaceted energy issues and the U.S. economy, into actionable issues that relate directly to us all. This presentation illustrates the powerful role of the Building Sector in both creating and alleviating many of the crises facing America and the world today. His presentation will provide a deep understanding of the historic development of the Modern Movement, present status of architecture and planning, the 2030 Challenge, the historic transformation of the Building Sector currently underway, and the magnitude of the opportunities before us.

Edward Mazria – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Architecture 2030

Edward Mazria is an internationally recognized architect, energy expert, educator and author with a distinguished and successful career spanning 45 years. He is the CEO of Architecture 2030, a non-profit, non-partisan, solution-oriented organization. His comprehensive knowledge of design, planning, climate change and alternative energy sources are focused on a dramatic reduction of fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions generated by the Building Sector, as well as building and regional adaptation strategies for projected climactic and environmental changes.

Mr. Mazria lectures extensively and meets personally with key decision makers and stakeholders at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Presented by:
The American Institute of Architects New York Chapter (AIANY)
AIANY Committee on the Environment (COTE)

Sponsored by: ConEdison

Shot by Cooper Union, Edited by AIANY

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