Preparing For the Worst

Expanding Energy (Excerpt)

Peak Oil, wars over oil and gas reserves, the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, windmills in the North Sea, solar panels that force up the price of energy, the discovery of shale gas, and so on: energy issues seem to be monopolising political agendas, the media and our daily concerns. In Expanding Energy, a one-day conference-in-four-performances, Davis Freeman examines our obsession with energy. Anyone who saw Investment or Seven Promises by the Freeman-Killick duo last season will know that this is no ordinary show either. Devious political theatre at its best!

Part 1: Defining Energy

Two performers and an engineer explore different definitions of energy from the potential to the spiritual, the kinetic to the sexual, the electrical to the personal, the performative to the political, conducting a series of experiments from facts to feelings and back again.

Part 2: Securing Energy

Two suits analyse the complex matrix of shrinking fossil fuel reserves, environmental pressures and geopolitical tensions. Do we really have to give up our hard-earned freedoms and material prosperity to bring people out of poverty? Or will technology once more rush to all our aid?

Part 3: Consuming Energy

The setting is a large dining table around which sit local politicians, scientists, financial analysts, investors and artists. They consider the urgent energy issues in relation to local needs and dangers. Both the participants and the audience can choose between two different dishes: a sustainable meal made using local organic products or one with a frozen hamburger and chips!

Part 4: Expanding Energy

The day is brought to a close with the ‘Great Negotiation’: how willing is the public to actually take action? The musicians Paul Lemp and Joachim Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten) help mix up an explosive cocktail of energy issues. And there will be dancing!

concept & direction Davis Freeman | performance Jerry Killick, Wendy Houstoun, Kylie Walters, Davis Freeman & guests | music Paul Lemp, Jochen Arbeit | visual graphics Visual Kitchen/Sam Vanoverschelde | electrical engineer Vincent Malstaf | technical coordinator : Jitske Vandenbussche I production management Ulrike Dobmeier | co-produced by Kaaitheater (Brussels), szene (Salzburg), Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Kunstencentrum Buda (Kortrijk), Vooruit (Gent), WorkSpace (Brussels) support Vlaamse Gemeenschap

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