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Fitzy – Symbols of Society

Mini-doc about Fitzy and his exhibit he held at The Pie Factory in Margate.
Fitzy is a Gulf War Veteran, turned artist and author of his book Arts And Mines. ‘Always drawing and thinking outside the box’ He is still in the process of becoming recognised but has some remarkable artwork, mainly drawn just using gel pens.
Served in the army from 1990 – 1993 (Queens Royal Irish Hussars). Tour of duty Gulf War 1991, front line soldier, tank driver/armoured personnel carrier driver.
Fitzy Made a pact with himself during the Gulf war, if he gets out alive he will go back to education in pursuit of peace and an arts career.
He attended Canterbury Art Schools. During this a cyst under the base of his brain threatened to kill him, he had pioneering surgery 1999, nearly made full recovery then got run over by a car in Belgium, this shattered his leg. With grit and determination Fitzy still managed to finish his degree the same time as all the others he started with, therefore resulting in the most outstanding student award.
After finishing MA fine art (2001), travelling and many other disasters, Fitzy wrote and illustrated the controversial book ‘Arts And Mines’ , this was published 2010, reviewed by the Guardian. It was this journey and studies that lead to his thought provoking art shows.
Fitzy’s signature show ‘Symbols Of Society’ is a hard hitting exhibition that deals with current affairs and the environment. His latest studies are an elaboration and extension upon the subject matter. With an emphasis via splashes of colour to his work, he questions what is controversial, trivial and aesthetic. With the use of symbols and icons there is a strong undertone and appreciation of Mother Earth. There is also a yearning for a unified and more harmonious planet. Perhaps a warning, Fitzy points out we are only a guest on this world, fleeting and ephemeral, and should respect the elements. We should not be at the mercy of man and economics, we should be communicating and sharing more. All these clues are cryptic and are within the drawings , understand the symbolism reveal the narrative. It is up to us to learn from our mistakes, and how we can leave our mark and message for future generations to come…
The greatest reminder, no matter how much you may think you may own the planet, and prize material over humanities, nature will always win!!!

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