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Global Warming – A Manmade Disaster

Reasons are many but effect is one. Yes, we are talking about global warming, the burning truth of the world. We all are familiar with the term called “Global Warming” and also aware of the reasons for it. But whether only knowing the reasons will help us to get rid of it? Of course not. Taking the necessary steps to reduce its effects will only help us in this regard. Population, pollution, cutting of lots of trees has contributed a lot towards global warming. It is said that the major cause of climate warming is the emission of green house gases such as: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc. into the atmosphere.

However, there are a lot of people who don’t believe in the concept of climate warming and say that climate change is nothing but just hype. But whether they believe or not, it is a fact and the effects can be seen and felt by everybody in the world, such: the increase in the regular temperature, rise of sea levels etc. Due to global warming every living thing in this world are getting affected, such as: man, animals and plants.

Though we find it difficult to accept, but it is true that one of the main reasons or causes for climate warming is human itself. Human has great contribution towards the increase of climate change. Ultimately, it can be said that climate warming is creating a very dangerous atmosphere for every living object to sustain on this planet earth.

Source by Yachika Verma

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