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Humans – On A Road to Self Extinction

We all do believe there is some super natural power controlling the whole universe. There is something undiscovered by and probably beyond the reach of science that is manipulating the universal objects.  

“Space weather forecasting is still in its infancy,” said director of NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Colorado Mr.Thomas Bogdan (for details click here). Well, considering the vast expanse of the universe and its hidden, but open, chambers of secrets, weather forecasting will never attain puberty. I’m not trying to be a pessimist here by downgrading Mr.Bogdan, I’m just trying to make a point that some secrets, some cycles, some elements and some phenomena are beyond human capability……right now. We humans have the capability to uncover all secrets and hidden messages, but is it really us? Is it really our own intelligence that is helping us become the most powerful species ever in the history of Earth? Is there a possibility that someone is only manipulating our lives and we’re nothing but mere pawns of the game he’s been playing with us since our advent on this planet? Here are some facts which say we’re just a bunch of over rated mammals.

  • We hardly have any idea about extra-terrestrial life.
  • There are many unsolved mysteries about our home planet itself.
  • There are loads of uncovered mysteries about the HUMAN BODY.
  • We maybe the most intelligent species on earth but there’s no denying the fact that we’re making rapid progress towards our own extinction.
  • We’re are the only species who kill for purposes other than food (can someone give me the email of Osama?).

No matter how advanced we are, if the earth has to come to an end in 2012 or if the blackout in 2013 has to occur, we by no means can stop these phenomena just like the tsunami of 2004. These facts coupled with some more like, our inability to gain knowledge of man-made or natural disasters before they occur or atleast take precautionary measures, make us just another species to rule planet earth like the rulers of the jurassic period. The only difference is that they had physical strength and we have brains. But are we really using our brains effectively?   Is it too late to shed our ego and live with nature, not as its counterpart, but as its part? It’s never too late (exceptions are always there guys). It would be a bit difficult to cut down on carbon emmision, a bit tiresome to plant a tree once a month, a bit ‘anti-religious’ (to all so called jihadis) to not kill anyone and a bit strange to live up to the meaning of ‘Humanity’, the word which sounds so hypothetical today, but c’mon we all have the incredible ability to adapt to any given situation. A few weeks of following ‘Humanity’ will turn us human and who knows, maybe the next Satya-yuga, from the Hindu scriptures, is just round the corner. If we all adapt to the actual meaning of ‘Humanity’ there would be a majority of us treading the right path and the minority will we compelled to follow us. This requires initiative and in the beginning there would be some resistance but isn’t a peaceful world desired by us all? To quote Gandhi, “be the change you want to see in the world.”  

I know what I just said is nothing new and it’s something realised by all long long back, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. We have only realised what we ought to do but we’ve not acted on it. Maybe it’s high time we stop dreaming, of daisies swaying along with the wind in spring, the sun shining turning everything its light touches into gold and children playing happily in the fields like there is nothing they have to be worried about. Artists have been dreaming about a world like this since ages. They have shown us our destination and it’s time to wake up and catch the first flight for such a world. The soldiers fighting in Iraq, in Afghanistan, on the Indo-Pak border and at many other parts of the world have a life too. They have a family who prays each moment for their father, husband, son, brother to come home safe, let’s give them that. There are still babies taking birth with disabilities and defects in Japan, thanks to the nuke missile from US. Imagine your child or sibling without a limb, imagine him/her without an eye or imagine the worst case of a child born dead. This could all happen to anyone, we’re all vulnerable. What if we’re unable to curb our activities harassing the environment? Soon there would be air for sale, 20 bucks for a little bag of Oxygen? Why ot? We’re selling water today and we’ve been selling food since ages so why not air? All this feels like a night mare, right? But we can prevent it and nobody needs to tell us how. We’re the most intelligent and powerful species on earth and we know we can make the dream of an artist’s world come true through a basic action to convert our dreams into reality……wake up!

Source by Sachin Jalan

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