Preparing For the Worst

Keynote Business Speaker Glenn Llopis on Uncertain Times in Business

So, we’re here tonight to talk about ‘Earning Serendipity’ in your business. Earning Serendipity in your business. You may have been surprised to see those two words together-Earning-Serendipity. Now isn’t serendipity an earning? Isn’t it? Well, what I want to do tonight is convince you that just like bad luck offering earn. Now what are you mean by that. The financial markets are now in turmoil, and many companies they have been successful for years are vanishing under the onslaught of bad news. If you’re running one of those companies, what or whom would you be blaming right now for the disaster. Who? Well, see I am not privy to those midnight discussions at say Lehman Brothers but I bet you, a lot of the discussion was about the perfect storm of financial bad news. Who could have see it coming? Who could have predicted it? How could anyone have plan for all that. See, when things go wrong with our business we all have a tendency to blame something else external or other people. Unforeseen events ‘Uncertain times’. Is ever a time there was uncertainty, well rephrase it- Was ever a time there was certainty.

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