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Last Transmission explores the apocalyptic terrain of science fiction and politics. Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville and the collage movies of Arthur Lipsett, this long-form film is a collaboration between Ross and a shifting band of conspirators. They’ve shot the everyday landscape of Charlotte and transformed the empty streets, industrial warehouses, and roofless buildings into displaced and unfamiliar spaces. Through sound and image juxtapositions, potentially familiar scenes take on entirely new contexts. Current segments include scrambled weather reports, corporate lab experiments, eye implants, end of the world call-in radio shows, comparison shopping tips for oxygen mixtures, and traffic reports.

Where the Baloos serve as a general heading for a number of different films, Last Transmission is a single movie made up of various episodes. It’s a whole film that keeps morphing, remixed and recontextualized depending on what episodes are included in any given presentation. Right now the longest available public showing is 50 minutes and the shortest is 3 minutes.

Ross has served as ringleader for the project so far, but he’s planning to make the film more collaborative in the future. “Many people have their own take on science fiction and politics, so I’m hoping to encourage people to try to dramatically shape these hopes and fears,” he says. “I’m willing to go as far as being merely the secretary for the group.” Anyone interested in collaborating, contact Ross Wilbanks.

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