Preparing For the Worst

Luxury is feeling blessed in the face of adversity.

Although being able to afford medication means that one is well taken care of, the notion of medication has always been dreaded.

Three common medicines, amoxicillin (antibiotic for children), acetaminophen (menstrual relief), and paracetamol (pain relief and fever) are repackaged to bloom in water whilst releasing the medicine before it is consumed. The experience of watching the process serves as a form of emotional relief in addition to physical relief from the medication and slows down our pace, creating a moment to take a breather, and reflect on what we are blessed with.

Luxury is feeling blessed in the face of adversity.


L for Luxury is a project by 13 students from the Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore. Led by Hans Tan, the project aimed at investigating the fundamental values of luxury, with 13 final outcomes that forms new perspectives for a wider audience.

Luxury |ˈlək sh (ə)rē|, according to most dictionaries, is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. With the current wave of natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, famines, and the economic crisis, we are reminded again that “extravagant living” certainly does necessarily not equate with “great comfort”. The design studio aims to question conventional notions of luxury and challenge its relevance in the modern day context. Is luxury owning a ferrari 550, or having the best bakery at your doorstep?

This studio delved into the essence of “luxury”, from the context of everyday situations to the prevalent economic climate, to primordial tendencies. The concept of “luxury” was researched, reflected upon, reconsidered, reinterpreted, and each student expressed their conviction by defining a personal luxury statement and translating it into a tangible product experience.

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