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Maga & Qanon Update 5.10.18 – Iran, Israel, Stormy, NYSE to add Bitcoin? Q – Now comes the pain

▶️ NYSE is setting up bitcoin trading? I hope i can get more before the herd gets in.

DOJ Agrees to Give Chairman Nunes Secret Rosenstein Memo Detailing
Mueller’s Scope

Stormy’s Lawyer Accuses the Wrong Michael Cohen of Making Fraudulent
Media erupted Tuesday after Stormy’s lawyer Michael Avenatti released a
dossier containing a list of payments made to Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.
It turns out that two of the ‘fraudulent’ payments made to Michael Cohen
isn’t Trump’s lawyer, rather two different men named Michael Cohen.

also the stormy narrative is losing people’s attention – it’s down 30%.
Prepare for the next thing they try
Just a few days after giuliani said “we got a president who is tough,
who does not listen to the people who are naysayers, and a president who
is committed to regime change [in Iran]”, the Washington Free Beacon has
obtained a three-page white paper being circulated among National
Security Council officials with drafted plans to spark regime change in
Iran, following the US exit from the Obama-era nuclear deal and the
re-imposition of tough sanctions aimed at toppling the Iranian regime.

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