Preparing For the Worst

Make your Home Safe from Natural Disaster

When you hear about storms, tornadoes and hurricanes they normally ruin certain areas that they have been to.  These are some of the horrible natural disasters that occur very often in most of the places in the world.  Homeowners who live in prone areas must be prepared enough in case disasters visit them.

In other places, homeowners are recommended to think ahead of time when hurricanes season is nearly approaching, which usually happens in certain parts of the year.  Reinforce the vulnerable parts of your home like windows, doors and roofs to be able to secure that strong winds ca not get inside the house.  When strong winds get through the building, they can completely ruin the whole establishment.

Try to consult a trusted professional who deals with this kind of jobs on your house so that any repairs that are made are done properly.  You tell your contractor to install storm shutter devices on all the necessary parts of your house to be able to protect it from large items that fly around at strong velocities when storms happen.

It is also wise to have hurricane straps placed on your roof in order to avoid from detaching from the house, as well as inspecting to make sure that door of your garage is firmly intact.  Once strong winds are able to remove your garage door, your whole house will completely be in danger.

When you are already secured with physical condition of your house, you need to see to it that your family will be safe while there are storms.  If ever there is a need for mandatory evacuation, all your family members must know where their emergency exits are and where to go.  Come up with a plan on which area of your house if safe for meeting with everybody when calamities happen

Prepare all the emergency supplies available in case that your family can not go out of the house.  Some of the basic tools like water, batteries, matches, instant food, blankets and first aid kits must be prepared always.  According to experts, you need to have food and water which can last for about three days since there might be power interruptions.  And you can not expect to be rescued immediately.  Take a look at your kit often to be sure that nothing has been spoiled or need to be repaired.

Lastly, if you are staying in a place that is prone to be struck by storms, flood insurance is highly needed.  Regular homeowners’ insurance does not cover the damages due to flooding, even though rising waters can cause damages to the property which are impossible to rectify.  The monthly investment for flood insurance is worth enough since it can ensure you that you do not lose a big amount of money just to have everything fixed.

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