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Marry Mary and the Curse of the Cross

The cross is a sun-symbol born of the Islamic religion of Babylon. This is known because of my close connection to the Spirit of the Universe following my reincarnation. While many are brainwashed into religious ideology and may ignore my words they need to examine what they worship and how their leaders are misleading them. They should also look at their lives and the curse under which they live.

Why are they sick? Why do they have accidents? Why is their child handicapped? Why are their lives so difficult? The list of questions is unlimited when explaining the curse of the cross the symbol of which they may use many times daily.

Its origin was shown to me in a vision of a group on a hillside who were observing the rising sun. As the first rays of the sun appeared above the horizon they penetrated a hole in a stone and a glorious sight resulted. The rainbow coloured perpetually moving rings of light are awesome and they fell to their knees in worship of it.

The rings grip the imagination and central to them is the right-angled cross. The circle/cross combination is found in every religion and culture because they represent the Sun God. The image is personified in human form as Mary, which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’.

Men deemed to ‘marry’ Mary and fertilise the earth through ‘her’ died on crosses at dawn. They subsequently resurrected three days later and rode the sun-beams into heaven. This is the myth behind Easter and that term is from ‘eye-star’ and the image shown to me in the vision.

The most sacred time for the Babylonians was the ‘equinox’ in March. The sun-beam was described as ‘or-s’ which means ‘sun-light’. It provided the term ‘horse’ which is ‘ma’ in Cantonese and ‘ma’ is also ‘Mother’. The relationship of the horse to the Mother God, the sun, cannot be ignored.

The religions derived from this ancient worship are easily identified. They believe in heaven and hell (both myths) and they push women aside as being second-rate or worse. Men are given the role of ‘suns’ or ‘sons’ because they are worthy of marriage to Mary.

As Easter once more approaches the curse of the cross will be upon the world and many will die as disasters happen. This is the usual state of affairs but few can understand why it happens. Perhaps readers will take on board these words and correct their behaviour accordingly.

Source by Norma Holt

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