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New Family Survival Kit: More Options for Disaster Preparedness

The 4 person survival kit packed in a duffle bag, is the newest addition to line of products. It was designed with families in mind. Statistically, only about 32% of Americans are prepared for disasters and out of that number these people may be vastly under prepared. Having the proper equipment to evacuate, shelter in place or live outside in the elements may become a reality should a natural or man-made disaster strike.

Survival Kits Online is based in Southern California where earthquakes are a fact of life, so the company’s owners Chad Allen and Scott Kastner spend countless hours to find the best and most essential items for their new 4 person kit.  This kit is a great addition to both Survival Kits Online’s web store and retail location in West Hills, California. 

Humans can only live a few days without water, so after a disaster strikes water becomes very precious.  Most survival kits on the market have very little water in them, which can put a person in risk of dehydration. The new 4 person kit has twice the water of most kits as well as a water storage collection bag and water purification tablets. These features facilitate a greater chance of survival.  The kit also has enough emergency food rations so after a disaster it is easy to have enough calorie intake to keep energy levels up. There are 90 items packed in this new kit making it a comprehensive kit at a great value.

Everyone should start off by having a disaster plan. Your disaster plan should include the following:

  • Purchase at least one survival kit for each family member or kits that will provide for more then one person. Have enough supplies for each person for at least 72 hours. You should have kits in your home, autos, work and your child’s school.
  • Decide where your family will reunite if separated. It is best to have two meeting places just in case you need to evacuate your neighborhood.
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers and provide the list to each family member.
  • Choose an out of state friend or relative whom family members can call after an earthquake or any type of disaster to report your condition. Many times after a disaster telephones may not be able to call out locally but it is possible that will be able to call someone who is not in the local area.
  • Know the safest spot in each room. Under sturdy tables, desks, or against an inside wall
  • Know the danger spots. Windows, mirrors, hanging objects, fireplaces and tall furniture.
  • Conduct practice drills. Physically place yourself and your children in safe locations and explain to the child why this area is the safest.
  • Learn how to shut off the gas, water and electricity in case the lines are damaged.
  • Attend training through either the local fire department or The Red Cross for first-aid, CPR and disaster preparedness classes such as CERT.

Over two hundred thousand people were affected by disasters in 2008. Each year there are countless earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and man-made disasters such as chemical spills or terrorist attacks. It is all of our responsibilities to prepare. At we specialize in disaster preparedness and are happy to help with making your disaster plan. We provide bulk discounts as well as specialize in custom kits, printing on kits, or any other special needs.   

Source by Scott Kastner

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