Preparing For the Worst

Prototype. More lyrical than your fav MC. Madlib Green Lantern Bhangra Bounce Freestyle! Latin Laureate!

Thank you for your time, even moreso if your not feeling it for whatever reason. – The Latin Laureate.


I’m the illest nigga alive watch me prove it,
i’ll whip out a braille notebook in a battle
& beat you to death so fast your eyes won’t seem to detect movement
my confessions is set-in-a buick, 8 when they finally morph cabs

i’ll bring the dinosaurs back, to this day just to crush them un-der-my chancleta,
i undermine the weather
see P be BBt network.. thats where my grind should be forecast
been thru hell & was brought back john blazing dressed as a hospital patient

beats booming in the streets zooming while i’m speed luging on top of the morgue slab.

i’m a wee lucid don’t get lost b4 I go off I beat students with the launch pad

& still manage to jack your ez pass doing a wheelie as I speed through it,

chi is nuclear freeing uzis up

beat me to the punch? i’m goku* meets bruce lee son

playing three card monte in front of your album signing

hypnotizing you w/ the movement seizing you up

through the cups while your screeching & beating you stupid,

ooph, this feels like some golden era mixtape shit bout to pop off.
train bombing, pass the L, krylon cans melt l’m on that type of hotness

(beat-drops) Green!

you projecting the voice’ but it has no merit
i hit blacklists w/ arms then dip off w/ english like anslo garrick
kicked sand on me in the box til I flipped into Flint Marko
i deflect whats negative & enhance flows kishu charcoal
media pageantry, corporate political shows,
turn escapism into an art yo,
they say children in America don’t starve bro,
except ours but their not American cause if they are their lives would never be that harsh,
General Zog of the new school,
clock struck three street veterans that turned executives
played dead in the yard come on Man its for you that they bought the farm,
I played weather-man from a space probe
& I’m expecting a check for that… r.i.p. Camu Tao.
(sped up part, can be said twice,)

I’m swinging to knock the head off of serpents,

in the beginning was lost, I”m strengthened w/ purpose,

i’m illing to drop kick separatist persons,

bring it for love, can’t let um deter us!

we all about that… non-inebriated Release.

The Realization of Peace.

Through Deviation in Speech.

we elating the streets, get right bringing Christ to the beef.

Live Life Then You Teach. We Excising your piece’, since you text’ all the time bet,

They was peeved at the AMA’s cause it was all latino
so when i blow i’ma commission george lopez,
to hit the stage w/ me dressed as siamese twins- that are gay, arab, and negro,


-I’m swinging to knock the head off of serpents,

in the beginning was lost, I”m strengthened w/ purpose,

i’m illing to drop kick separatist persons,

bring it for love, can’t let um deter us!

I figure skate figure 8s w/ two katanas drew
upside down sharper than ninja brains bringing the rain
duck right down to keep my figures in shape reconfigure my papes
into origami falling in the figure & face of the late Masamune
I’ll erase & debase half of you,
then I’m taking your place at the wake jumping out naked
chasing kids raving like the head alien from mars attacks
balls in tact while I’m schizing dripping in ventriloquist face paint
gat maven mingling with a set of hotties
while i got you posing in a bboy stance
in a gas station wearing rags with blank spacing
cause i’m such a pimp that even after you passed
I got you selling your body for ad placement
nah I’m just playing haha!…





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