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The Karen began their armed struggle for self-determination and equal rights in 1949.
Over the last 67-years many Karen women soldiers fought for the Karen National Liberation Army.

My Name is Naw Dah Paw. I’m 20-years old. I am serving in Signal Intelligence. I joined up for military service on 18/1/2014 in the KNU 2nd Brigade area. I strongly wanted to serve my country and my people, so I decided to join the military service. Sometimes, I faced difficulties in my work such as with weather problems and noises which cause difficulties in working. We have to deal and work through it as best as we can. I want freedom for my country. I would urge and encourage more women to serve and devote themselves for their country as we do.
My Name is Naw Si Si from [General Headquarters]the Medical Unit and I am one of the nurses. I am Karen, I need to work for my people. So I started the training in 2010 and stayed on.
My work is beneficial not only to my people, but also for the soldiers. Sometimes, among the soldiers, they suffer different kind of sicknesses. During wartime, they are wounded and I took care of them. I found this work beneficial to my people. At this moment, there’s no [civilian] patients from outside, mostly only patient among the soldiers. There’s no fighting, so we don’t see injuries,most of the sickness are just common illnesses.
Villagers can’t afford to go to the hospital so they come to us and we take care of them. This medical unit which was intended especially for soldiers is also useful for villagers.
If there was no more medical training, I would like to learn more and more about it so that I will be able to help cure more people and more sickness. Even though we are a women, there’s no need to underestimate us as if we are weak or we don’t have much strength as men or we can’t do things as much as a man can. I want all the Karen women to be vigorous and stand strong and know that we can do things as others can. If it takes sample of building a house, let us be a bamboo, a roof, or of something that make up the house. Even though we are one of the small things, we can make a difference and be useful in our own way.

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