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Scott Serfas talks about Travis Rice and the Movie Fligth

This spring I was given the opportunity to spend a month in Alaska with the Brain
Farm Cinema crew, makers of “That’s it, That’s all”. With a trip like this you put
up a lot of money and spend a lot of time in one place hoping for a great trip. 50%
of the time you usually spend sitting around waiting for the weather to clear and
the other 50% of the time your out there trying to make it happen. Well this trip
was different. Down days were spend throwing axes, ice fishing, shooting guns and
rifles-blowing shit up. And on the good days we were not trying to make things
happen, we were trying to figure out if what went down was real or just some crazy
dream. You see, this trip was different than any other trip I have been on before.
This was the best snowboarding trip ever. And I don’t mean just for me, but for
snowboarding in general. Between Travis Rice, John Jackson and Mark Landvik,
freestyle/freeride snowboarding was changed forever on this trip. You don’t believe
me? Just wait until “Flight”, the movie is released next fall.

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