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Skydiving Chalon Sur Saone. Bourgogne. Season 2008.

welcome to the new level et Bienvenu au club para de chalon sur saone, saone et loire, 71, Dijon Bourgogne, en juillet au grand soleil pour une sacree belle journee de parachutisme sportif top cool, plaisir spectaculaire de la chute libre a 4000 metres, et de faire des videos pour le fun de ce moment rare en plein ciel, une certaine maniere de voir la vie et de partager une attitude.. bonne ambiance dans l’avion, parachute dans le dos, merci a Marc Antoine pour les prises de vue en chute, et a Gonzag le pilot du Pilatus Pc6 turbo Porter, avec cette superbe deco afrique Zebre.. pas banal du tout.. en provenance du club para de Pamiers en Ariege, merci a l’artiste peintre pour la decoration, cet avion est venu pour la semaine… sacree soiree egalement…
lyon corbas
What a nice weather available day for skydiving jump and having fun with this amazing stunning zebra scheme Pilatus PC6 at DZ Chalon spot club Pierre Auvray drop zone made in France, nice pics and video film clip just after exit with the zebra, at dropping 4000 meters altitude, huge and good pleasure with instructor to touch the best level in free fall flight with friend, temperature was ok at this height..
good time with everyone to enjoy life with action, and full smile at night party in club house, stay with us, do not stay home looking TV.. ok.. See you man, for the next one.. The best tribute to the zebra pilatus porter pc6..
Tandem Jump
Although some students start with a static-line jump, most students start with a tandem jump. Some companies require at least one tandem jump before freefall jumps.

After a short training course on the ground, the instructor and the student board the aircraft, climb to 10,000 feet, leave the aircraft to stand on a step over the wheel, then enter the freefall of a tandem jump.

The instructor wears the parachute assembly and the student is attached to the parachute in 4 spots by a harness. The student’s back is against the instructor’s chest.

After a 40 second freefall, the instructor opens the over-sized, square parachute and the student starts maneuvering the parachute back to earth. All students participate in the dive as much or as little as they wish.

The landing is stand-up in a soft, grassy field.

Accelerated Freefall

After one or more tandem jumps, the student receives approximately eight hours of ground training and then jumps with two instructors holding on to him/her.

The AFF Course consists of a minimum of seven jumps. The student progresses from two to one to no instructors while learning back loops, turns, and tracking. Each jump is more complex than the previous one.

After receiving a logbook certifying completion of the course, the student is ready for large freefall formations, camera jumps, competition jumps, and general exploration of this exciting sport.


If you are ready to jump into skydiving, be aware of the following:

You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
You should dress in clothes suitable for the weather plus athletic shoes.
You should be in reasonable physical condition to jump.
Maximum weight is 235 to 250 pounds for freefall and less for tandem jumps.
It is probably best to be under 200 pounds.
The latest version of the Pilatus PC-6 is the PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter, a highly robust multipurpose aircraft that is extremely economical to fly and maintain. Its excellent short take-off and landing capabilities (STOL) allow it to operate in environments which are inaccessible to many other aircraft.
Some people are used to say PC6 is a Vintage plane…..

The PC-6 can be converted quickly and in line with customer needs for a wide variety of different tasks. With its large sliding doors on both sides, the Porter is perfect for paradropping, ambulance transport and cargo/passenger flights. An optional floor hatch enables the installation of cameras or other technical equipment for surveillance flights, photographic missions and laser imaging. Equipped with a tow hook, the PC-6 can also carry out towed flights. Skis enable landings on glaciers and snowfields. Fitted with floats, the PC-6 is equally at home on water. If a sand filter system is installed, the PC-6 can even be operated in the desert or in especially dusty environments. A special tank with a capacity of 1300 litres can be accommodated in the cabin to enable deployment on firefighting missions. Spraying assignments can also be carried out with the addition of certain items of other equipment.

The Pilatus Porter began over 45 years ago and looks set to continue well into the future. armee de l’air mirage 2000 Arnold..

Parachutisme au club Chalon sur Saone, Skydiving in Burgondy france sky sport

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