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St. Barbara Patron Saint of Thunderstorms, Fires and Sudden Death

Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint for Thunderstorms, Fires and Sudden Death. Much of the reason for St Barbara to look over these matters is because of her history.

Barbara was the daughter of Dioscorus who lived in Minor Asia. She was considered an exceptional beauty and her father wanted to protect her from any suitors.

The time came for Barbara’s farther to embark on a journey that would take him away for some time and his concerns grew. Dioscorus wanted to make sure that during his time away Barbara would not be pursued and so he decided to build a tower. The tower would house Barbara from the town and would prevent any suitor to see her. Dioscorus did not spare any expense in building the tower and made sure that all her needs would be met and then he embarked on is journey.

During the time that Barbara’s father Dioscorus was gone she was not allowed to communicate with the outside some se had a lot of time for contemplation. She studied the people beyond her windows, their lives and daily activities. She was touched and intrigued and continued to study. She was moved by Christianity and wanted to adopt the Christian Faith. As Barbara thought more and more about it, it became apparent that she needed to follow her faith. Barbara demanded that the builders of he tower return and add a window. Without her father present she the builders returned and added the window she requested, this would prove to be a problem. Some time later Dioscorus returned after his journey and questioned Barbara’s decision to add a window. When presented with this question Barbara begun to explain to Dioscorus that during is time away she was able to reflect on her faith. She told her father Dioscorus that after continues contemplation and study she found her faith in Christianity and that the three windows represented the oly Trinity. Dioscorus did not accept Barbara’s new found faith and presented her to Province.

The Province was appalled and sentenced Barbara to death by being beheaded. Dioscorus accepted the sentence and decided to take the sentence into his own hand and carry it out. Dioscorus carried out the sentence and beheaded his own daughter as sentenced by the Province. Shortly after Dioscorus beheaded his daughter he was walking home and was struck by lighting and dead suddenly.

Hence Saint Barbara is considered the Patron Saint of Thunderstorms, Fires and Sudden Death. St. Barbara has been adopted by the US Field Artillery and Fire Fighters. The Catholic Church usually depicts St. Barbara with a red wrap and a tower behind her with three windows.

Source by Lourdes Amil

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