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The EMP attack Catastrophe with Frank Gaffney and Major Gen. Spider Marks – June 29, 2011

UPDATE: Missile Crisis Briefing 2009
From Israel and Washington D.C.
The EMP Catastrophe – Proliferating nuclear threats to the U.S., Israel and other allies

Panelists: Frank Gaffney, Major General James “Spider” Marks, (Ret.), Avi Schnurr

As terrorist regimes acquire nuclear capability, fears of the devastation wrought by a nuclear attack are on the rise. However, a seldom discussed, yet more insidious threat looms on the horizon – the risk of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack – a catastrophe that could instantly transform America from a superpower to a pre-industrial society.

Such an attack would destroy the U.S. electrical grid and lead to infrastructure failure that would result in food shortages, starvation, disease, and civil unrest. Of course, Israel, Europe, Japan and other countries are equally vulnerable and could suffer severe disruptions to their economic, healthcare and security systems.

The Congressional EMP Commission recently released their final report – verifying both the danger and the fact that Israel and the United States have not taken adequate steps to protect themselves from the effects of a nuclear EMP Strike. Further, both countries are priority targets for destruction.

June 29, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA

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