Preparing For the Worst

Volunteers work long and hard at shelters in Houston to make sure residents are comfortable

One week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, the American Red Cross continues to work around the clock to help thousands affected by Hurricane Harvey as catastrophic flooding continues along the Gulf Coast.

Tens of thousands of people are escaping the devastation in hundreds of Red Cross and community shelters, many having lost everything except what they could carry as they fled their flooded neighborhoods.

The outpouring of financial support for the Red Cross relief effort along the Gulf Coast has been tremendous. The following is an example of how those generous donations are being used:

Donations pay for Red Cross shelters and the volunteers who are supporting them. Last night, more than 42,000 people sought refuge in 258 Red Cross and partner shelters across Texas. An additional 1,500 people stayed in six emergency shelters in Louisiana; and a handful of people spent the night in evacuation shelters in Tennessee.

Donations pay to transport more than 2,300 disaster workers to Texas, whether by plane, bus or car. More than 700 additional workers are traveling to Texas now.

Donations pay for shelter supplies like cots, blankets and hygiene kits for 75,000 people with additional supplies for 10,000 people on the way.

Donations pay for the more than 392,000 meals and snacks we have served with our partners since the storm began.

Donations pay for the gas and equipment to power our feeding efforts. Trailers of supplies to support 10 mobile kitchens, each able to produce 10,000 meals a day, are in Texas alongside more than 200 emergency response vehicles.

Donations pay to support the mental health and health services professionals who support and care for evacuees – some 8,000 contacts have already been made.

Donations pay for relief items like diapers and comfort kits that contain deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other hygiene items for people forced from their homes. We’ve distributed 26,000 so far and this number will grow as people are able to return home.

Donations also pay to provide warehouses, technology – and the people that make all of this help possible for Hurricane Harvey.

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