Preparing For the Worst


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Based on Raymond Briggs’ highly acclaimed and controversial 1982 graphic novel When The Wind Blows is a thought provoking yet tender tale about an elderly couple set against an omnipresent backdrop of The Cold War, featuring an original soundtrack by Roger Waters and title track by David Bowie.

Jim and Hilda Bloggs (lovingly voiced by Sir John Mills and Dame Peggy Ashcroft) are an honest, gentle couple who happily put their lives in the hands of the British government as they prepare for the uncertainty of Nuclear War. Wholeheartedly accepting the terms and conditions, they roll up their shirtsleeves and adhere to the guidelines in preparation for attack- painting their windows white, building a fortress of doors, removing the washing from the clothesline, storing away two packets of ginger nuts, one tin of pineapple chunks and a decent supply of tea for a potentially cold nuclear winter.

A cautionary tale of its time, both humorous and macabre, When The Wind Blows explores a stark chapter in history, yet delivers a touching story about love, togetherness, humanity and above all hope.

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