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Why Does a Baby Cry and How to Soothe Them

Crying is the only way of communication for the baby as it can not express in any other way. Also in India they say "Balanam rodhanam balam" meaning crying makes babies healthy. Scientifically, crying is good for their lungs.

We do everything possible to make our babies happy. But still they sometimes cry. It creates a kind of anxiety when your baby craves. We try to calm them at any cost. So, how do we come to know the reason behind their weeping? Here are top ten reasons why babies usually cry.

1) Hungry: This is the first and foremost reason why even a hail and healthy baby cries from day one. This can be easily calmed by feeding them. It is said that wiping of the baby stimulates breastfeeding feeding. But if your are going for bottle feeding, this crying will continue until you prepare the milk. So, its better to keep the feeding time in mind and make the preparations early.

2) Wet Nappy: Babies usually hate to be wet. Whenever they attend their nature's call they want to be cleaned as soon as possible.

3) Position problem: The position in which we might have laid down the baby might not be comfortable. Just adjust it a bit by checking if all the parts of the body are comfortable. The baby also may have turned to an uneasy position in its crib or cradle. Just check and lay the baby again.

4) Weather: If the room is too hot, turn on the fan / A / c or open the windows. The baby may feel suffogated. If the room is too cold, try to keep the baby warm by making her wear socks and mittens. Babies always try to keep themselves warm. When he / she feels cold, their energy is consumed in keeping themselves warm. Here is the baby loses its weight. So, try to keep the baby warm.

5) Something has bitten: This is one of the toughest things to find out. If there are mosquitoes in the room take all the precautions to avoid such biting. When the baby is crying because of an insect bite, it is difficult to find out as he does not do anything to show you the place where he is hurt. So try to search everywhere around the body.

6) Scratching: Sometimes babies tend to scratch themselves with their nails and unknowingly hurt. Usually these will be visible. Cut nails regularly.

7) Does not want to be laid down: Babies like someone around them. They also want someone to hold them. If they have gotten accused to people holding them, they always want someone to do so. Especially, if there was a party the day before, and all guests were around them cheering them, they expect the same even the next day. Hold the baby and they may just stop crying immediately. But, it's always better to lay them down and play with them.

8) Colic pain: This is one moment when the baby cries uncontrollably. This lasts for more than three hours. It usually goes away when the baby is 3 months old. The reason for colic is yet not discreetly revealed. Colic is something, that is not caused by us and also it does not mean that the baby is unhealthy. A mother should always hold her baby near to her heart when the baby is crying. Also when the baby is made to lay on her stomach, the pain brings. There are some drops available for colic pain. More tips to soothe the baby can be obtained here

9) Nappy / Diaper rash: This is a common problem faced by babies. Check for such rashes everyday while cleaning. Applying some baby cream and baby powder before putting a diaper reduces the risk of rash. Change diaper regularly. If a rash is observed, consult your physician and leave the area free so that it heals faster.

10) Sleepy: When the baby is sleepy, it sometimes starts crying. Put her to bed.

Source by Swati Allamneni

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